Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

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This RGB large gaming mouse pad features a hard, high precise micro-textured finish that ensures accuracy and effortless speed And self charging. The surface is hard and slightly textured, it is very easy to mouse on, and it's also pretty easy to clean.The LED mouse pad has a true RGB backlit effect, there are 9 lighting modes. You can turn off the light if you want to. Also, you can use rainbow mode which will match up with other RGB keyboard and mouse. 


  •  It provides enough movement of the mouse while gaming.
  • You never run out of it and have to lift the mouse, preposition and have to start moving again.
  • All the settings on this gaming mice mat can be done with the touch sensor.
  • You can easily switch between the different modes, which include single colors, then slow color rotations and a faster color rotation.