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If you love walking, running, participating in sports, or working out, don't let injuries or weak knee joints slow you down. Get full knee support, optimal mobility, and accelerated injury recovery from this Knee Stabilizer Brace. It's the intelligent hinged knee brace that moves with you to keep you performing at your peak level - no matter how much intensity is placed on your knees.


The Ideal Athletic Knee Brace for Your Active Lifestyle

Our knee support brace features 3 stainless steel spring-loaded supports on each side that allow for complete freedom of movement of your knee joints. The brace buffers impact, relieves pressure on the patella, and helps prevent knee joint fatigue so you can train, run, or walk for longer and without pain. In short, it's the best knee support for running, jogging, hiking, cross-training, cycling, dancing, sports, or any activity that puts strain on your knees.


Exceptional Support for Faster Injury Recovery

When it comes to post-injury rehab, our knee stabilizer brace helps to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery via stable compression. From joint stiffness and "runner's knee" to ACL and MCL tears, our hinged knee brace will lessen swelling, alleviate pain, and rapidly get you back to being your active self again.Our Knee Brace is also suitable as a knee support for arthritis, thanks to its inflammation-reducing capabilities. Daily wear and tear of your knee joints and the associated pain and discomfort, may be relieved so you can remain mobile and enjoy life to its fullest.


The Most Comfortable Knee Support You'll Ever Wear

All this functionality is nothing without comfort, our spring loaded knee brace is made of soft, flexible, lightweight fabric. The breathable inner lining has air vent holes to prevent perspiration build-up and the chafing that sweat can cause. The non-slip design means it won't roll or slide down when you move. Strong, wide hook-and-loop straps positioned top and bottom are for wrapping securely around your legs to hold the braces in place - without causing friction, discomfort, or reduced mobility.


The Top Benefits of This Knee Stabilizer Brace:

  • Delivers outstanding support during exercise and physical activity

  • Promotes faster recovery from sprained joints and knee injuries

  • Breathable, vented fabric keeps your knee cool and sweat-free

  • Can be worn during any indoor or outdoor physical activity

  • Easy to apply, stays in place, and is supremely comfortable to wear 

    • Advanced support for your knee joints during any physical activity

    • Hinged knee brace springs flex as you move for optimal mobility

    • Breathable fabric eliminates sweating and uncomfortable chafing

    • Robust, secure Velcro straps prevent slipping, rolling, and sliding

    • Includes 1 pair of high-performance Knee Stabilizer Brace knee supports

With our Knee Brace, you can take control of your knee pain, inflammation, and injuries and reclaim your mobility - faster. Recovery is accelerated; performance is enhanced. No matter the intensity of your preferred physical activity, this hinged knee brace will give you the support you need to stay at the top of your game. NOT SOLD in stores.
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