Handheld Automatic Dish Scrubber

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Looking for an easy way to get the dishes done in seconds? This handheld automatic dish washing machine is perfect for you.A robotic arm automatically grasps bowls and plates, spinning them gently to ensure they are cleaned well.Holds almost any size plate, bowls or utensils and cups cleans almost any food off your plates.Put your plate in, pull the trigger and watch it spin at a steady but strong speed to keep them safe and clean.        Just add hot soapy water for the best clean.Can work up to 40 minutes continuously (fully charged) or plug into power for use.Are you still worried about washing dishes? Are you still spending a lot of time washing dishes? Getting your hands all dirty And getting water everywhere? It's time to have this handheld dishwasher. Let washing dishes become easy to fast process. Come to feel a different and cleaner dishwashing experience!


1. Environment safe, water Saving, And get your dishes cleaner before putting them in the Dish washer

2. No dead angle cleaning, good cleaning effect

3. Waterproof, The whole body is waterproof and can wash for Hours

4. Whether it is a bowl or a plate,or cup it can be tightly grasped, easy to completey clean them

5. Uses advanced bearings, are low noise,and high speed
6. Light and compact, suitable for Families, and Restaurants                               NOT SOLD-in stores.
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