Anti-Slip Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

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This new wireless charging design offers much wider charging area. It comes aptly equipped with 3 transmitting coils that are more effectively cover the wireless charging area for full directional power. Mouse Pad, Wireless Charger, and Phone Stand, Get one, meets your three needs; Put your cell phone on the wireless charging pad while you use the Mousepad, then rapid inductive charging without the need to plug-in to a wall charger or Lightning port.



  • Qi-Enabled wireless charging pad
  • You can place your phone with a free position. No need for perfect alignment.
  • High degree of efficiency and functionality
  • Easy to use

Specifications :

Material: Silicon
Package: Yes
Compatible charger: For iphone X/8Plus/Samsung Galaxy Note 5/6/7/S6/S6 Edge/S7,for Nexus 4
Output: 9V+/-0.1V
Input: DC9V1.5~2A
Size: 273*206*23mm,approx
Material: TPU 90 Degree Environmental Friendly Material