3D High Precision Printer

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This brand new inventory is widely applied to many fields, printing 3D toys, teaching equipment, and prototyping, great for stimulating users' creativity and inspiration and realizing their ideal. Unlike most other low-cost 3D printers, this printer ships fully assembled and has already been calibrated at the factory.


  • Printing method: three-dimensional imaging
  • Applicable material: Supports 1.75mm diameter universal consumables, such as PLA ABS HIPS PV PVC POM soft, wood,
  • Applicable objects: Huaping, electronic products, toys, handicrafts, etc., cups, bowls
  • Environmental Requirements: Temperature (-5-40°C), Humidity (20-80%)



Colour: Black
Material: Aluminum
Nozzle standard: 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature: 170-175 degrees
Printing speed: 200mm/min
Print thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
Printing format: 220*220*220mm
Power parameters: DC12V/20A 100V/240V
Z axis print accuracy: 0.004mm
X, Y axis print accuracy: 0.012mm
Support: USB link computer operation
Display: LED display
Printing Platform: Fiberboard
Print interface: memory card slot / USB interface
Software Language: Chinese/English
Product size: 469*460*415mm